Berlin Bubble Project – Operation Summer Stars


Memorial Day to Labor Day 2024


100 Berlin Summer Stars are hidden in downtown Berlin. If you find a summer star, we ask that you register it using the form below.


Summer Stars are hidden outside in downtown Berlin. Summer Stars are never hidden on Private Residential Property, and you would never have to dismantle anything to find a one. Please leave property undisturbed!  They are not hidden on the grounds of a church or the museum. *Throughout the Summer they will also be hidden inside of the following locations: Fathom, Heart of Gold Kids, British Rose, Bruder Hill, Love Your Mama, Una Bella Salute, Patty Jeans Boutique, House, Madison Avenue Boutique & Urban Cottage.

WHO: Anybody!

This is finder’s keepers but we ask that you only keep ONE PER FAMILY, please.

About the Artist

Jeffrey Auxer found his passion for glassblowing at Salisbury University in 2006. He went on to graduate with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in art. He continued following his passion as a teacher’s assistant for the glassblowing program at Salisbury University until 2009 when he opened his gallery/studio in Berlin, Maryland.  Jeffrey continues to focus on Venetian techniques, Custom lighting, and giving classes to allow everyone to enjoy his passion.

Register your Summer Star (HERE)!

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